Club History

The university team were formed from the senior town team who having formed in 1988, competed within BNGL (British National Gridiron league). Due to dwindling numbers, it was decided to move to the university in 1990. With no longer sufficient seniors available to play, the Lancaster Bombers became a collegiate team and entered BCAF (British Collegiate American Football League) in 1991 where we still compete to this day.

Current Players

The Bombers have traditionally never been able to field a large squad due to the university having a small number of students in comparison to other institutions. This has its problems in terms of fitness levels at the end of the season but also its benefits. As a Bomber you will have excellent coaching with a low coach to player ratio. Further, as our game-day squad size is normally only 25 > 35 players, you will have every chance to play and to develop through actual game-time.

The Bombers can draw upon players from other academic institutions due to the "catchment" rule operating within BCAFL. This means that if you are studying at Liverpool or Manchester in the south, or are a student at Carlisle in the north, you will be eligible to play for us.

Records and Honours

The Bombers have twice won their divisional championship and have progressed to the play-offs on four occasions. The furthest the club has gone was to the northern conference championship game in 2000.

The representative national collegiate side are called the Great Britain Bulldogs. Several Bombers have represented Great Britain and have been awarded university colours. American football is possibly the easiest way a student can get to represent their nation on the international stage.

BCAFL also organises a representative game between two conference sides the Southern Wildcats and the Northern Cougars. Lancaster has hosted the trials on several occasions and has had many Bombers represent the Cougars.

After each league game the opposition is asked to nominate players from their opponents who they feel made a significant contribution. These votes go to BCAFL who compose an "All College" 1st and 2nd team. This season the Bombers had three players make the All College team.


The Bombers have a thriving Alumni Association. There is an annual "Alumni Weekend" which includes a friendly game of the current team taking on the "Old Boys". The Alumni Association also contributes to the team and raises monies via a "100 Club" prize draw.

The association exists for ex-players to keep in contact with the club and each other, and to give something back to the club.


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