Constitution of Lancaster University German Society


The Society

1.1 The name of Society shall be the University of Lancaster German Society, hereafter referred to as 'the Society'.

1.2 The Society shall be affiliated to Lancaster University Students' Union (LUSU) subject to the conditions set out in Section 27 of the LUSU Constitution. As such the Society agrees to abide by the LUSU Constitution and its bye laws, the LUSU Safety Framework and all other Union policies.

1.3 The Society may affiliate to external bodies subject to the approval of the Union Council (see Section 20 of the LUSU Constitution).




2.1 The Society shall exist to promote the German Language among students at Lancaster University, to help students prepare for a year abroad in a German-speaking country, to promote knowledge of German, Austrian, Swiss and other German cultures and to facilitate the coming together of both native German speakers and those learning or otherwise competent in the German language.

2.2 Official club business will be conducted in English (with a translation provided if necessary), though there will be one weekly event conducted in German. Further social events and so on will be conducted in English, unless the Executive Committee declare an event to be German-language. The aim is to provide a weekly opportunity for members to speak German whilst being aware that members may not speak German with the same level or confidence and therefore to provide opportunities for these members to take part in the society’s activities.



3.1 Membership of the Society is open to all members of Lancaster University Students' Union and falls into two categories, full and associate, as laid out in Section 7 of the Union Constitution.

3.2 Society membership is only granted to those individuals who have paid the required annual fee, as determined by the Executive Committee.

3.3 All members may attend and speak at meetings however, only full members may propose a motion or vote at a meeting.

3.4 Only full members have the right to be a candidate, vote, or nominate/second a candidate in elections.

3.5 Membership of the Society is open to individuals other than those mentioned above subject to their agreement to abide by this constitution.

3.6 Honorary membership may be granted on a life basis or for a limited period, subject to the agreement of a qualified majority at the Annual General Meeting. This shall normally be granted to ex-members for outstanding service to the Society, or for those who can continue to offer service to the Society.

3.7 Honorary members have the right to participate in all Society activities, and attend and speak at meetings.

3.8 The Executive Committee reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership of an individual for breaching this constitution, the LUSU Safety Framework, the Society's Safety Code of Practice or bringing the Society into disrepute, subject to the complaints procedure set out in section of this constitution.


Executive Committee

The Society shall be administered by an annually elected Executive Committee who shall have the duties and responsibilities set out below.

4.1 President: who shall

*Be the primary representative of the Society to the Union, the University and to external bodies

*Co-ordinate and oversee the activities of both the Executive and the Society as a whole

*Attend the Societies Council and other relevant meetings

*Act as chair to all Society meetings

*Oversee the safety aspects of all Society activities and ensure that the LUSU Safety Framework and the Society's Safety Code of Practice is adhered to.

4.2 Treasurer: who shall

*Maintain good order of Society finances and ensure that Union financial regulations are adhered to.

*Maintain an up to date account of all financial transactions

*Advise the Executive and membership on expenditure of budget

*Prepare a statement of revenue and expenditure to be presented at the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

4.3 Secretary: who shall

*Be responsible for the administration of all matters relating to memberships and subscriptions and liasing appropriately with the Treasurer.

*Be responsible for all Society correspondence and administration

*Take minutes at meetings and circulate agendas and minutes of such meetings to the membership

*Informing the membership of other appropriate information as and when necessary

*Be responsible for the ordering and maintenance of all Society equipment

*Act as Returning Officer at all elections and ensure their smooth running

4.4 In the absence of any member of the Executive, their duties may be delegated to another Executive member. Alternatively a full member may be co-opted to fulfil such duties, subject to the approval of a general meeting.

4.5 Any Executive members who fail to attend two consecutive general meetings, without acceptable written apology, shall be deemed to have resigned and a by-election shall be held.

4.6 Member of the Executive shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall take office from the last day of the Lent Term.

4.7 Failure of Executive members to carry out the duties conferred on them by this constitution or by resolutions of Society meetings, without reasonable excuse, will be grounds for suspension or motion of no confidence of the officer concerned.




5.1 The running of all Society elections shall be the responsibility of the Secretary who shall act as Returning Officer. Should this officer be a candidate in any election, then another officer may be appointed Acting Returning Officer by the Executive for the duration of that election.

5.2 All officers shall be elected towards the end of the Lent term at the Annual General Meeting.

5.3 All Officers elected at this time will be offered training by the LUSU Student Activities Office.

5.4 Any post may be filled by by-election at a general meeting.

5.5 Society members will be informed of the date of the election, positions available and details for nominations two weeks prior to voting taking place.

5.8 Re-Open Nominations (RON) shall be a candidate in all elections.

5.9 All elections are preceded by speeches by the candidates. The Returning Officer shall decide in advance the maximum length of speeches. The speeches shall be followed by questions to the candidates.

5.10 Candidates unable to attend must send written confirmation of their intention to stand and this may include a speech to be read out by the Returning Officer. If no confirmation is received, exclusion for the election will result.

5.11 A show of hands at the meeting shall be taken for each candidate. Members may only vote once per position. The candidate with the highest number of votes shall be duly elected. The Returning Officer shall be responsible for the count.

5.12 Any full member may propose that voting be done by secret ballot, subject to the approval of a simple majority at the meeting.

5.13 Any complaints regarding elections should first be taken to the Returning Officer, and then to the Societies Council Chair, as per the Complaints procedure detailed in Bye Law 26.




6.1 General meetings may be called by the President, by a majority decision of the Executive Committee, or by written request of five or more Society members.

6.2 General meetings must be held no less then three times each term and at least seven days written notice must be given.

6.3 Any elected officer may have a motion of suspension of no confidence placed in her/him at a General meeting and a qualified majority shall be required to sustain it.

6.4 The quorum of General meetings shall be ten full members. Failure to achieve quorum shall mean that the meeting has no constitutional competence.

6.5 Emergency meetings may be called in the same way as a General meeting save that it shall require five days written notice of the business to be transacted. The quorum for such meetings shall be twenty full members.

6.6 Emergency meetings shall only discuss the matter for which the meeting was called. It shall not be able to transact any financial business or amend the constitution.

6.7 There shall be an Annual General meeting in the last few weeks of the Lent Term each year. The President shall present a report of the Society's activities for the previous year and the Treasurer shall present an audited statement of accounts.

6.8 Elections for positions on the Executive Committee shall be held at the Annual General Meeting.

6.9 Quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be twenty full members.




7.1 Any complaints about the running or operations of the Society should initially be discussed with the President and then follow the procedures set out in bye-law twenty-six of the Union Constitution.




8.1 This whole or any part of this constitution may be altered, amended or deleted at any General meeting or at the Annual General meeting. Any changes shall require a qualified majority.




9.1 The Society must adhere to the LUSU Safety Framework at all times. Copies of this will be distributed at relevant times throughout the year and appropriate guidance will be given. Failure to abide by this framework may result in disciplinary action

9.2 The Society shall have a Safety Code of Practice that shall be reviewed annually. This code shall be shown to each member before they subscribe to the Society and be made readily made available throughout the year.

9.3 It is the duty and responsibility of the President to ensure that the Safety Framework and Safety Code of Practice is enforced in all Society activities.