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Newspapers, Magazines usw.
Stern: Good german news magazine.
Spiegel: Famous for rather highbrow german, but always worth a read.
Format: Austrian version of Stern.
Facts: Swiss news magazine.

Bild: German tabloid "newspaper" ... something like The Sun.
Frankfurter Allgemeine: One of the main german regional dailies. There's an English edition online as well, but you don't want to read that, right?
Rheinische Merkur: Another one.
Süddeutsche Zeitung: The main south german paper. As the name suggests.
Die Welt: Probably the best-known national paper in Germany.
Kurier: Austrian national paper. Not too highbrow, but not a tabloid.
Der Standard: Dull austrian national doorstop.
Die Presse: Marginally livelier than Der Standard.
Neue Kronen Zeitung: Austria's Bild, with a heavy right-wing bias. Sometimes called the "Haiderblatt".
Neue Zürcher Zeitung: Major swiss daily.
Die Weltwoche: Swiss weekly newspaper.
Tages-Anzeiger: Another swiss daily.

Online Resources
Abkü Look up that acronym that's been bugging you.
LEO: Online german/english dictionary. Just type in the word and it pops up with all the meanings in the databank. Keep it open while you're typing up your CWA. It's the Swiss telephone directory. Online. Want to phone someone in Switzerland? The same, for Germany and other countries.
Landkartenindex: As the name suggests. The place to get maps.
Yahoo!: The german-language version of the excellent Yahoo! search engine.
Altavista: And if it's not on Yahoo, chances are it'll be on Altavista.

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