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Lancaster University Karate Club

Mike Kilbourne - Senior Instructor (3rd Dan)


A student and enthusiast of karate, Sensei Mike Kilbourne is an excellent instructor for both beginners and advanced karateka alike. He has practised karate for many years, and some years ago he became a certified 'Long Standing Member of the KUGB', something which he achieved through continuous training for 20 years. He is totally dedicated to both teaching and improving his understanding of Karate. Sensei Kilbourne takes the Wednesday night class and focuses upon preparing LUKC members for their gradings. Outside of LUKC, Sensei Kilbourne is a student of Sensei’s Sherry (8th Dan) and Brennan (7th Dan) at the Red triangle Club in Liverpool. Sensei Sherry is the Chief instructor with the KUGB and subsequently Sensei Kilbourne is in the unique position of being able to pass on to Lancaster Students the same techniques that are currently being taught to the England Kata and Kumite teams. Furthermore, he is able to immediately pass on to his karateka the most up-to-date technical kihon standards.

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