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Lancaster University Karate Club


Interested in joining Lancaster University Karate Club?

Lancaster University Karate Club, operates during university term time, starting this year on Monday Oct 6th (Week 1) and we always welcome new members at any time of the year!

We cater for both advanced and beginners alike and split the classes to cater for all ability ranges. Don't worry if you've never done Karate before - the club teaches all grades and just expects people to try the best that they can.

So, if you have an interest in either starting to learn karate, or sampling the fantastic social scene that is a major part of the club, or just in finding a new fun way to keep fit, then:


Come down on a Monday 8pm in the County South Lecture Theatre or Tuesday 6pm in the George Fox Foyer in the first week for a free trial lesson. All are welcome!

Or add us on Facebook


If you would like further information, e-mail LUKC at karate@lancaster.ac.uk

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