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Lancaster University Karate Club

Karate Glossary

Are you confused? Have you forgotten your kekomis from your keagis? Then have no fear, because hopefully the following table will have all the Japanese to English translations that your will ever need when practising karate. If there are any other translations that you require, then just send us an email at karate@lancaster.ac.uk and we will gladly assist you.



Chudan Stomach
Dojo Training hall
Enoy Relax
Gedan Groin / below belt
Hajime Begin
Jodan Head
Kamae Posture
Kiai Shout
Kiba dachi Horse riding stance
Kihon Basics
Kime Focus
Koh-kutsu dachi Back Stance
Mawatte Turn
Oss Mark of respect
Rei Bow
Ren Combination
Sensei Teacher
Ura Reverse
Yame Stop
Yoi Ready
Zen-kutsu dachi Front stance



Age-uke Rising block
Soto-uke Middle outside block
Uchi-uke Middle inside block
Gedan barai Downward block
Shuto-uke Knifehand block
Nukite-uke Pressing block
Choku tsuki Straight punch
Oi tsuki Stepping punch
Gyaku tsuki Reverse punch
Kizami tsuki Snap punch
Morote tsuki Double fisted punch
Tate tsuki Vertical fist
Empi Elbow strike
Uraken Back hand strike
Nukite Spear hand strike
Shuto-uchi Knifehand strike
Mae geri Front snap kick
Yoko geri kekomi Side thrust kick
Yoko geri keage Side snap kick
Mawashi geri Roundhouse kick
Ushiro geri Back kick
Ashi barai Sweeping kick
Sanbon tsuki 3 combination punches
Ren geri Combination kicking
Tobi geri Flying kick



Jiyu kumite Freestyle sparring
Wazari An effective technique
Ippon A decisive technique
Awasete Ippon Two effective techniques
Keikoku Private warning
Hansoku chui / chui Official warning
Hansoku Disqualification from match
Shikaku Disqualification from tournament
Jogai Escaping from match area
Geri Kicking technique
Tsuki Punching technique
Rei Bow
Hajime Begin
Yame Stop
Hantei Decision
Aka Red
Shiro White
Ao Blue
Shiro no kachi White awarded match
Aka no kachi Red Awarded match
Shobu ippon 1 point match
Shobu sandon 3 point match
Aiuchi Similtaneous techniques
Ukete masu Blocked
Nukete masu Missed
Torimasen No score
Mienai Nothing seen
Hikiwake Draw
Shomen ni rei Bow to dignitaries
Shimpan ni rei Bow to judges
Otagai ni rei Bow to other competitors


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