We welcome followers of, or those curious about, Pagan spiritualities such as Druidry, Heathenry, Shamanism and Wicca amongst others. Some of our meetings involve us chatting about various aspects of Paganism and/or magic, some involve speakers talking on their specialist topics and others have us working rituals that we've previously discussed. You are welcome if you don't yet know if this is the right path for you or if you've been a Pagan for years.

Join our events to chat about what we do, attend a workshop to learn something a little more practical or join one of our seasonal rituals or field trips out into the countryside. Our workshops and talks are given by society members or invited speakers. Our rituals are planned by members of the society who are enthusiastic about that time of year or who want to learn more about it. We encourage people who want to become members to just come to a meeting and see if you like us - if you want to come more regularly then please talk to the Exec about joining as your membership fee pays towards petrol costs, the tools we use in rituals and the materials for workshops.

The Pagan Society was founded in 2001 as a society for all pagan faiths and for people who are interested in finding out about paganism, we were soon joined by the remnants of SOUL, the Society for Occultists at the University of Lancaster (1989 - 1999) and added finding out about the occult, divination and magic to our remit. We also hold rituals celebrating the moon phases, the sabbats and other festivals. We remain a student society based at Lancaster University rather than an internet group - this is why if you're from overseas or do not intend to come to our meetings we don't add you to the facebook group.

A journalism student from UCLAN wrote an article on his experiences with us in 2011.

Below we have some short articles by members. If a member has an interesting article to contribute, email the webmistress or contact us. Thanks!

If you'd like to contribute to the Wiki we're developing about Pagan Society and Paganism in general then just ask The Webmistress or Exec for a login.

The Wiccan Wheel of the Year by Chloé

The God by Chloé

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