Welcome to the Pagan Society Website.

We are a society for all pagan faiths and for people who are interested in finding out about paganism and magic. We meet on Mondays at 7pm in Bowland North, Seminar room 11 (We'll also be in Bowland Bar around 9.30/10pm every Monday!)

Throughout the year we hold workshops and talks given by society members or invited speakers. We also hold rituals celebrating the moon phases, the sabbats and other festivals. Just come along to one of our meetings to join, or contact us.

Beltane celebration tonight!

We've been around for thirteen years now but unfortunately all of our active student members are graduating this year. Therefore we will be closing the Pagan Society at the end of the summer term (unless students not graduating this year would like to continue - please get in touch).

If you're a prospective pagan student who would like to re-start Pagan Society, various bits and pieces like the altar statues will be going into storage - we will be setting up a mailing address after the end of summer term - otherwise use the current one.

Blessed Be

Our pre-term meeting. Very sensible Pagans in the pub.

Safety Code of Practice (plain text version)

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