Welcome to the Pagan Society Executive

We're the group of people elected to organise the running of this society. If there's something you'd like Pagan Society to do then please contact us!

As an Exec we're organising for Fresher's Fayre right now! Later on in the year we aim to get some more statues for our society altar!

Amy - President

Hi, I'm Amy and I'm the president of the Pagan Society. This means that I am a representative for the society with the student's union, LUSU. This also means that I help to organise the meetings for each week. Personally the path I follow is quite eclectic but could be summarised as solitary, eclectic Wicca. I believe in many Gods and Goddesses and am trying to form a relationship with them, in particular some Greek and Celtic deities. I should probably mention that I am a third year Physics student and also an active member of the Music society.

Jazz - Secretary

I'm Jazz, the society's Secretary. This involves me ensuring we have a place to practice for our meetings and rituals. I'm Wiccan and still discovering which path from there I will follow. I'm also a second year biochemistry student.

Lee - Treasurer

I'm Lee, the society's Treasurer. I keep track of our money, and make sure that we have enough to fund our rituals and trips. The plans for this year include buying more statues and ritual kit for the society to use, as well, so let me know if there is anything you would really like. I'm an eclectic pagan and occasional chaos magician, which means that I pick and choose bits from several different traditions to use in my own practice. I'm a part time student working towards an MA in Philosophy.

Steven - Safety Officer

Iím Steven, currently doing a Combined Technologies degree. Although I am agnostic, I am interested in the occult which is why Iím here. Iím the current Safety Officer, however I have not been needed much in that respect. This job mostly entails carrying the fire extinguisher when it's needed, (for ritual bonfires).

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