Man preparing to use the bench press, fitting collars to the bar

Take Your Online Gym Induction

Congratulations on becoming a member of the Sports Centre. Next you'll need to complete your online induction. Inductions are mandatory for all new members of the Sports Centre who wish to use the gyms. You can now take your induction test online and start using the facilities straight away.

Inductions are designed to teach you to use the equipment in a safe and effective manner. All membership categories include inductions where necessary and equipment as required.

Safe for all

We all want the gym to be safe, clean and ready to use at all times, so it's important that everyone is aware of the rules.

Gym inductions are important to you as a user and to us as staff; they ensure that you understand the rules and regulations for using the gyms and that you will be safe whilst using the equipment. They also ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them when using the facilities, so that everybody is safe and that the equipment is not misused and damaged.

Having done the induction you will then be able to use the gyms. We do not expect that you will know everything and if, at any time, you would like to be reminded how to get the most from the equipment, or you would like to be given help in the form of a training programme or advice about training or technique please do not hesitate to ask the instructors who will be glad to help.

Choose the online induction that's right for you

We offer two types of induction online, depending on your experience. Once you've paid for your membership, you'll need to complete your induction online by following the 4 steps below. Watch the video, read the paperwork, take the test and visit reception to confirm your results.

Step 1.

Choose the video that is most appropriate to you. The full induction video is recommended and will take just 20 mins to watch. Experienced gym users may wish to watch the fast-track video but you'll need to score 100% to pass the test in step 3.

Step 2.

To progress to step 3 you'll need to have read and understood the Health Commitment Statement. You'll be asked to sign to confirm you have done so prior to taking the test so download the statement using the link below and take a look.

The Health Commitment Statement a mutual delcaration of commitment both from the Sports Centre to our gym users and from the user to the Sports Centre and lays out any expectation, rules and guidance to keep everybody safe whilst using the facilities.

Step 3.

Take the induction test. The test is the same regardless of the video you chose to watch in step 1 and you must score 100% to pass. When you pass, you'll receive a reference to note down and show at the Reception desk before using the gym. Good luck!

Once you've watched the video and read the Health Commitment Statement, you're all set to take the test. Answer 100% of the questions correctly to pass.

Step 4.

Once you have passed the test you are ready to use the Gym. Before you start, check in with the reception team to confirm your results are logged and you are all set. Enjoy using the facilities safely and if you need any help or assistance, our team of expert instructors are on hand!

So what now?