27 April 2017
What is gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity? Gluten is two types of protein found in certain foods, (wheat, barley, rye and products such as stock cubes and soups, cakes and biscuits).

Coeliac Disease (CD), affecting a small percentage of the population, is a lifelong inflammatory reaction to gluten causing intestinal damage. Gluten insensitivity (NCGS), causes similar symptoms but without the intestinal damage.

There are a couple of theories surrounding the increase in cases of CD, including the changing strains of wheat used nowadays and the increased intake of gluten through the increased intake of processed foods.

Many people, including some ‘celebrities’, state that they have lost weight by going gluten free. They probably have – by cutting down on cakes, pastries, pies, pizzas, all of which contain gluten will cause weight loss!

Referring back to the Superfood blog – it’s the power of advertising – if companies can make more money by making a gluten free product and convincing you that your life will be better by using it, that’s what they’re going to do.

Obviously if you are genuinely CD or NCGS then you will have to cut out gluten, but cutting it out unnecessarily can have adverse effects.

Some gluten-free packaged products are higher in fat and sugar than the varieties they replaced and gluten free diets can also lead to cutting out key nutrients and variety in your diet.

Just saying; don’t be too quick to jump on a bandwagon – if you think you may have CD or be sensitive to gluten see your doctor who can test for CD or rule out sensitivity and other possible explanations for your symptoms.