Staff Wellbeing

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Welcome to the staff wellbeing pages. We've adopted the Five Ways to Wellbeing framework, Be Aware, Be Informed, Be Connected, Be Active, Be Generous, used by the Government and charities like MIND, the NHS, and other universities, to provide information to help you manage and improve your wellbeing.

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Tips and tools to manage your own wellbeing

Employee Assistance Programme

As a Lancaster staff member, you have access to a free and confidential Employee Assistance Programme.

Read more about the different services available to you.

Yoga at your Desk

It's important to take breaks and keep your body moving and supple. With short exercises like this, they can help prevent back pain and other conditions that could affect your health and productivity.

The Social Hub

Find out what events and meetups are happening around the University on The Social Hub. You can also invite others to your own events; whether that's a book club, beekeeping, lunchtime walks, or any other kind of social activity.

Add/View Activities


This is where we could list contacts, either one per Faculty, Departmental Champions if we can go that far, or perhaps just to a shared email for our Wellbeing Work Group as a start- they are easy to set up.

Emergency Support