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Most of our research focuses on studying the nature of mental representation, and includes investigations of the grounded nature of concepts, the ability of language, body and environment to shape representation and behaviour, and the interplay of linguistic and simulation systems in human cognition.


Modality-Specific Norms of Perceptual Strength

Our norms for over 1000 words (published and unpublished) are available for download here.


Current Projects

  • Funded by the ERC Consolidator Grant programme (Connell: 2017-2022).
  • Funded by the Leverhulme Trust (Lynott, Connell, & Brysbaert: 2016-2018).


Past Projects

  • Funded by the Association for Psychological Science (Lynott & Connell).
  • Funded by the Center for Open Science (Lynott).
  • Funded by the Australian Research Council, with support from Victoria Department of Health and the Australian Drug Foundation (O'Brien, Lynott, et al.)
  • Australian National Preventative Health Agency (O'Brien, Lynott, et al.)
  • Funded by the Leverhulme Trust (Connell & Holler)
  • Funded by the British Academy (Connell & Lynott)
  • Funded by the ESRC (Connell & Lynott)
  • Funded by the ESRC (Connell)