NLP Tools

The following is a list of freely available tools and resources from the projects I worked on at Lancaster University.


Corporate Financial Information Environment (CFIE)-Final Report Structure Extractor (FRSE) is a desktop application to detect the structure of UK Annual Report and extract the reports' contents on a section level. CFIE-FRSE []

2- OSMAN Readability Metric

Java open Source tool for Arabic text readability. The tool calculates readability for Arabic text with and without diacritics (Tashkeel). The tool works better with diacritics added in (we provide a method to allow you add diacritics to plain Arabic text).
OSMAN Readability []

3- Java word cloud with Log Likelihood

Java tool to create word clouds using log Likelihood and word frequencies (or any other weight values). Log Likelihood is calculated for a word between two large corpora input that could be in any language. The tool is language independent and was tested on Arabic and English
Java word cloud with Log Likelihood []

4- Machine Learning Java code

Java Code that trains classifiers for chairman's statements, governance & remuneration sections from 1,000 annual financial reports (Part of UCREL NLP Summer School 2016-2018 Lancaster University)
Machine Learning Tutorial []