Emanuele Giorgi

Emanuele Giorgi
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Contact Details

Emanuele Giorgi
Lecturer in Biostatistics
Lancaster Medical School
Faculty of Health and Medicine
Furness College
Room B73
Lancaster University

Telephone: +44 (0)1524593519

Email: e.giorgi@lancaster.ac.uk
Department Website:


About me

I am a Lecturer in Biostatistics in the CHICAS research group at the Lancaster Medical School. I work at the interface between development of statistical methodology and epidemiological applications. I formerly did my BSc and MSc in Statistics at the University of Padua, and then joined CHICAS in 2012 where I gained my Ph.D. in Statistics and Epidemiology.

I enjoy hiking, photography, reading books (especially those on contemporary history and philosophy of science) and many other things! My favourite places in the UK are: Saint Bees, Haweswater, Liverpool (where I got married on 21 December 2015) and the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. I am a citizen of the world but Lancaster is my home!

Emanuele Giorgi

I am the Royal Statistical Society coordinator for the partnership with African Institute for Mathematical Sciences.


My reaserach interests lie in the development of novel geostatistical methods for disease risk mapping with a particular focus on tropical diseases in Africa. Here is a list of topics on which I have been recently working.



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Memorable moments from IBC, Florence, July 2014

Emanuele Giorgi
While being awarded the Young Statisticians' Showcase by David R. Cox.
Emanuele Giorgi
Exchange of hat and prize.

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