Dr Jonathan Gratus

Jonathan Gratus
Mail: Dr. Jonathan Gratus
Physics Department
Lancaster University

Fax: 01524 844037

Email: j@gratus.net

I am a lecturer in mathematical physics in the physics department of Lancaster University.

I am a member of the Cockcroft Institute and the Alpha-X project.

Research Interests:

I am investigating the mathematics for modeling of charged particles and electromagnetic fields in particle accelerators. These may be conventional vacuum accelerators, for example as in the LHC at CERN or the new type of laser driven plasma wakefield accelerators. Here a powerful laser pulse enters a plasma and creates a bunch of high energy electrons.(See here)

I am interested in Coherent Synchrotron Radiation (CSR), Beam plasma interaction, Ultra-relativistic approximations, the Maxwell-Vlasov equations and the Klimontovich distribution.

I am also investigating the nature of the stress-energy-momentum tensor associated with the electromagnetic field in a medium.

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