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I am a happily retired academic with more than 30 years experience in university teaching, research and senior management in the UK. These days I enjoy spending time reading, writing, walking and travelling, but rarely all at the same time!


I am a Professor Emeritus at Lancaster University where I was Director of the Graduate School (2001-9). I also enjoyed my experiences working with and for the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). In a previous life as a geographer I wrote numerous books and academic papers, mainly on the environment.


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Chris Park (2015) To love and seve the Lord: the story of St Thomas’, Lancaster, 1841-2010. Lulu Publishing

Chris Park (2014) Swaledale and Richmond: the story of a dale. Lancaster: Carnegie Publishing

Chris Park (2013) God: real or imagined? Preston: Zaccmedia. Amazon page. Promotional video -



Kindle eBooks


Chris Park (2013) St Francis of Assisi: a man for our times.

Chris Park (2013) Caring for Creation. Towards a Christian environmental theology.




AMAZON author page (for details of books still in print or available second-hand)



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