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B.A, J.D.

Lonsdale College
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Sol Picciotto studied at the Universities of Oxford and Chicago, and then taught at the Universities of Dar- es-Salaam and Warwick, before coming to Lancaster in 1992. He has been a Visiting Professor at Nagoya University, Japan, and a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence. He has been Joint Editor of the International Journal of the Sociology of Law, and founding Joint Editor of Social and Legal Studies and an Editorial Consultant on the Australian Journal of Law and Society. He has published widely on international economic law, international business regulation, state theory and international capital, and law and social theory. His most recent books are International Business Taxation, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson (l992) and co-edited books, Corporate Control and Accountability (OUP 1993), International Regulatory Competition and Coordination (OUP, 1996), and Regulating International Business - Beyond Liberalization (Macmillan, 1999).

Research Interests
International business regulation and international economic law.

Areas of Specialisation:
International Law; Law and Society; International Business and Economic Law.


  • International Business Structures and Regulation
  • International Business Law & Institutions
  • (both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels)

    Recent publications

  • Fragmented States and International Rules of Law
    Social & Legal Studies (1997) vol.6, No.2, pp.259-279
    Globalisation, as the latest phase in the development of the world system, involves a fragmentation and restructuring of state forms, in which law is being called upon to mediate shifts in the structures of power. A historical and empirically rich analysis is needed to help understand the nature and changing forms of statehood, as well as the possibilities and limits of international law, and the paper explores these in the context of some aspects of business regulation, especially income taxation.
  • "International Law: The Legitimation of Power in World Affairs", in P. Ireland and P. Laleng (eds.), The Critical Lawyers’ Handbook 2 (Pluto Press 1997) 13-29.
  • (edited with Ruth Mayne) Regulating International Business. Beyond Liberalization. (Macmillan, 1999.)

  • (with J. McCahery), "Creative Lawyering and the Dynamics of Business Regulation", in Y. Dezalay and D. Sugarman (eds.) Professional Competition and Professional Power. Lawyers, Accountants and the Social Construction of Markets (Routledge 1995) 238-74.
  • (With David Campbell), "Exploring the Interaction between Law and Economics: the Limits of Formalism", (1998) Legal Studies 18(3): 249-278.
  • "Offshore: The State as Legal Fiction", in Mark P. Hampton and Jason P. Abbott (eds.) Offshore Finance Centres and Tax Havens. The Rise of Global Capital (Macmillan 1999) 43-79.
  • Later, longer version, "The End of Offshore?"
  • (With Jason Haines) "Regulating Global Financial Markets" (1999) Journal of Law and Society 26(3) 351-368.
  • "North Atlantic Cooperation and Democratizing Globalism", in G. Bermann, M. Herdegen, and P. Lindseth (eds) Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation (OUP, 2000) 459-519.
  • (with David Campbell) "The Justification of Financial Futures Exchanges", in A. Hudson (ed.) Modern Financial Techniques, Derivatives and Law (Kluwer Law International, 2000) 121-33.
  • "Liberalization and Democratization: the Forum and the Hearth in the Era of Cosmopolitan, Post-Industrial Capitalism" Law & Contemporary Problems 63(4), 157-178 (2000)
  • "Democratizing Globalism" in Daniel Drache (ed.), The Market or the Public Domain: Global Governance and the Asymmetry of Power. (London: Routledge, 2001), 335-359. Earlier, longer version
  • "Copyright Licensing: The Case of Higher Education Photocopying in the UK" (2002) European Intellectual Property Review vol. 24(2) 438-447
  • "Defending the Public Interest in TRIPS and the WTO" shorter revised version published in Peter Drahos and Ruth Mayne (eds.) Global Intellectual Property Rights: : Knowledge, Access and Development (Palgrave and Oxfam, 2002)

  • Recent Papers
  • "Private Rights vs Public Standards in the WTO"
  • In Review of International Political Economy (2003) vol. 10(3) pp.377-405
  • (with David Campbell) "Whose Molecule Is It Anyway? Private and Social Perspectives on Intellectual Property"
  • In Alistair Hudson (ed.) New perspectives on property law, obligations and restitution (Cavendish, 2003), pp.279-303
  • "Rights, Responsibilities and Regulation of International Business",
  • Paper delivered at First Appel Conference, Columbia Law School, March 27th 2003
  • "Private Rights vs Public Interests in the TRIPS Agreement: the Access to Medicines Dispute"
  • Presentation at the Annual Conference of the American Society of International Law, 4th April 2003.

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