The List of SCC Distinguished Speakers 2019/2020

    Seminar Time Seminar Location Distinguished Speaker Seminar Title Seminar Abstract Inviter of the Speaker Other Information
    1 Oct 2019
    Faraday Lecture Theatre Prof. Sebastian Riedel (UCL & Facebook AI Research) Machine Reading with No Supervision This seminar will first give a brief overview of Facebook AI Research (FAIR), and then focus on recent work that Prof. Riedel's team have done in teaching machines to read with no supervision. In particular, this seminar will show how to develop models that can answer questions in natural language, about natural language text, without the need of any example questions and answers. Dr. Paul Rayson, Mr. Andrew Moore Slides, Advertisement, Picture 1, Picture 2
    6 Dec 2019
    C60b/c, InfoLab21
    (A joint seminar with LIRA)
    Dr. Jeremy Bradley (Prinicipal Data Scientist at Royal Mail) How to Set Up a Data Science Group in Industry I've been lucky enough to see two nascent groups be formed in large companies that were new to Data Science as a set of technologies. I'll talk about some of the challenges and goals that we had for ourselves along the way. I will highlight a couple of projects we ran that were successes and one or two that were not. Finally I'll talk briefly about the future of Data Science for industry and what may be on the horizon. Dr. Plamen Angelov, Dr. Hossein Rahmani Advertisement, Picture 1, Picture 2
    10 Feb 2020
    C60b/c, InfoLab21 Prof. Alessio Malizia (Professor of User Experience Design at Univ. of Hertfordshire) Something old, something new, something borrowed and something breakthrough: a journey through Pervasive Displays In the last 15 years, we have witnessed the rise and growth of pervasive display systems research, both in academic and in industrial settings. The rising demand for the digital support of human activities motivated the uprising of interactive displays of all form factors, from smartphones and large displays to the latest ventures in flexible displays. In this talk, we review the state of the art of pervasive and interactive displays, starting from personal experience with some early-stage prototypes to the evolution of the research area and the technologies that have caused the proliferation of pervasive and interactive displays. We will conclude discussing the challenges and opportunities for novel interactions between the human and the surrounding computational environment provided by pervasive displays. Dr. Elisa Rubegni, Dr. Tracy Hall Slides, Advertisement, Picture 1, Picture 2
    20 Feb 2020
    TBD Prof. Yaroslav Sergeev (President of International Society of Global Optimization; Distinguished Professor, University of Calabria, Italy) Global Optimization and a New Supercomputing Paradigm I will give two lectures: a lecture on global optimization and a lecture on a new supercomputing paradigm with a lot of applications in mathematics and computer science (I am eager to find one in machine learning and AI). The second lecture is of a general character and is devoted to broad audience of pure and applied mathematicians and computer scientists. Have a look at Dr. Wenjie Ruan, Digital Health Group Slides, Advertisement, Picture 1, Picture 2
    2 March 2020
    TBD Prof. Bill Langdon (Professorial Research Associate, University College London) Automatic Program Repair TBD Dr. Tracy Hall, Dr. Barry Porter Slides, Advertisement, Picture 1, Picture 2
    19 May 2020
    TBD Prof. Susanne Bødker (Professor of Human Computer Interaction at Univ. of Aarhus, Denmark) TBD TBD Interactive Systems Group, Dr. Miriam Sturdee Slides, Advertisement, Picture 1, Picture 2
    TBD Prof. Martin Shepperd (Professor of Software Tech and Modelling at Brunel Univ. London) TBD TBD Dr. Tracy Hall, Dr. Davide Bowes, Dr. Jean Petirc Slides, Advertisement, Picture 1, Picture 2

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