Social change climate change working party



If there is to be any effective response to climate change, substantially new ways of living are urgently required. Forms of intervention based on theories of rational action, lifestyle choice and human behaviour are unlikely to catalyse entrenched habits and practices at the rate required to mitigate and adapt to climate change. In response, the social change, climate change working party aims to develop, debate and disseminate significantly new ways of conceptualising and promoting transitions in ordinary but environmentally significant routines like those of heating, cooling, washing, eating, lighting and moving around. For more information see this foldable printable brochure

Working party members included PhD students dealing with topics of consumption, social theories of practice and environmental change and people involved in developing and implementing technologies, products and policies for climate change in government, NGOs and business.

1st Working party 9-10 July 2009

Theories of social change - beyond the ABC, social theories of practice, paths and projects... 



references and Andrew Darnton's party notes - feel free to send in further contributions

Topics for possible exchanges between members
List of first working party members and programme
Gallery of ideas: pictures, postcards and thoughts
    2nd Working party 6-7 Jan 2010   Models and methods of representing and identifying transitions in practice: eating, cycling, and more
    Programme references and contents of the reading pack

Models &methods

Models and methods of conceptualising change (Andrew Darnton): can theories of practice be represented in similar terms? (notes from Elizabeth Shove)
Working paper The working party working paper - an inspiring document with 21 authors
Cycling notes The cycling exchange report (Tom Hargreaves, Rachel Aldred, Sarah Hards and Geoff Gardner); bits of data on cycling, and a summary of the cycling exercise (Elizabeth Shove)
Food Exchange Propositions and reflections on putting practice theory into practice (Alexia Coke, Jess Paddock, Berry D'arcy, Justin Spinney, Tracey Bedford)
Party pictures Including sledging and pass the parcel
New exchanges Application form for those who want to organise a little exchange; also 'big questions' that might be the focus of such an exchange. Please get your bids in by 15th February 2010
Snow Theory Images of theory building from the Oxenholme region (Sarah Hards, Greg Wallenborn, Martin Green and Elizabeth Shove). 
Video of pass the parcel

Video of Nicola Spurling and Julien McHardy's presentation on daily paths and life paths


    3rd Working party 8-9 July 2010   Crafting interventions
References from the reading pack

Introduction to the reading - Allison Hui on Rip, A 2006. ‘A co-evolutionary approach to reflexive governance and its ironies’, in J-P Voss, D Bauknecht & R Kemp (eds.), Reflexive Governance for Sustainable Development pp 82-100. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Brief and biassed summary
Quick review of the working pary process for newcomers
Water exchange
The water exchange report (Rose Timlett, Glenn Watts, Sarah Hards and Elizabeth Shove); and related presentation

Careers and practices
A collage - based on an exchange involving Sarah Hards, Tom Hargreaves, Louise Reid and Rachel Howell
Sketches of the sketches
Some notes on sketches to be developed for the exhibition
Party pictures
Including images of the BBQ judging, and rehearsals of the show/exhibition
    6-7th July 2010   Symposium on climate change and transitions in practice
Pictures of symposiasts
Programme including presenters and papers

17th January 2011

  The finale of the series takes the form of an extraordinary lecture and exhibition of ideas to be held at the British Library