Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

I am currently a Lecturer in Biostatistics working with the CHICAS research group. Formerly, I was a postdoc with Professor Peter Diggle and before that, a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Paul Fearnhead. My background is in pure mathematics and medical statistics.


I work in the area of computational statistics. I am currently working collaboratively on spatio-temporal statistical methods, associated computational algorithms and the integration of these into web-based information systems. Specifically, I'm interested in,

  • Methodological and computational aspects of log-Gaussian Cox Processes.
  • Combining data recorded at multiple spatial scales.
  • Filtering methodology and applications.
  • Forecasting meningitis incidence in sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with the World Health Organisation.
  • Spatial prediction of campylobacter in the UK.
  • Spatial modelling of survival outcomes

My PhD research concerned particle filtering (Sequential Monte Carlo) methodology - in particular: adaptive SMC, forward-backward algorithms, fixed parameter estimation and the use of SMC in fixed data scenarios. As part of my PhD, I also conducted research on the rating of NCAA college basketball teams and NBA players.