Visiting STOR-i

If you're interested in learning more about STOR-i and would like to visit, please contact us at All applicants who progress to interview stage will be invited to visit STOR-i. This gives you a chance to see where STOR-i is based, meet students who are currently studying at STOR-i, and to explore the Lancaster University campus. Typically, the visit timetable includes:

  • Dinner with STOR-i students and overnight accommodation in Lancaster.
  • Refreshments upon arrival and a welcome chat with key members of the STOR-i team.
  • An interview and/or informal one-to-one chats with key members of the STOR-i team.
  • Lunch with STOR-i students.
  • Tour of campus and STOR-i facilities.

For those invited to a STOR-i interview, we can reimburse reasonable travel costs within the UK (e.g. standard rail fare). 

STOR-i recruitment events run throughout the year and take place at various locations across the UK. Visit the events page for details of upcoming recruitment events, including dates and locations. If you are unable to attend an open day or recruitment event and you would like to arrange a visit to the STOR-i CDT, please contact us at