Working Environment

This page contains details of the working environment at STOR-i including information about your personal working spaces, the STOR-i and University support network and the facilities provided for your needs as a STOR-i student.

MRes base room

For the duration of the first year MRes course, you will be based in the STOR-i MRes room, A91 Science and Technology Building. The base room contains desk space for each STOR-i MRes student. You have the freedom to choose either a desk each or to use a “hot-desk” principle to allow you to move around the room.

You will be provided with a laptop for the duration of the programme however the base room is also equipped with computer screens, keyboards and mice for all students and a communal black and white printer. The STOR-i Hub also has projection facilities for practising giving talks and supporting group discussions.

STOR-i Boardroom and Consultancy Room

The STOR-i Boardroom, A96 Science and Technology Building, is equipped with comfortable chairs and tables which can be booked for small group meetings and discussions, as well as conferencing facilities. The Consultancy room can be booked for smaller meetings and discussions.

STOR-i Hub

The STOR-i Hub, A97 Science and Technology Building, is equipped with comfortable chairs and tables which can be booked for group meetings and discussions, and projection facilities are available. This space is also used as a social space for STOR-i staff and students, and contains kitchen facilities.

PhD Office

All students in years 2-4 will be based in a large PhD office, A87 Science and Technology Building. 

Video Conferencing

STOR-i has invested significantly in video conferencing and lecture capture equipment to enable an efficient means of communication with external partners and to enhance the learning experience of students. 

  • Video Conferencing - STOR-i has a mobile video conference unit that allows video calls with a number of different technologies - Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco WebEx etc. The system also incorporates a Clickshare wireless presentation system, allowing up to 4 users to share their screens on the display simultaneously. 

  • Lecture Capture - STOR-i have installed their own lecture capture system into a lecture theatre located in the Postgraduate Statistics Centre. This allows for slides and video to be recorded along side each other which can either be streamed live on the internet or viewed later. The facility also allows for guest speakers to participate remotely using Skype.

Other Facilities

The STOR-i programme is jointly administered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Management Science. Throughout the STOR-i programme you will use facilities in both departments.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

There are two buildings in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, both containing important facilities and resources for your time at STOR-i. 

Main Building: Most members of staff, PhD students and departmental administrative staff are based in the main building of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. There are also a number of other rooms and resources based in the main building such as the post room, department photocopier and the resources room containing black and white and colour printers.

Postgraduate Statistics Centre: The Postgraduate Statistics Centre (PSC) is an extension of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and houses further staff from the department. The PSC provides flexible working rooms and break-out areas aimed at enriching the learning and teaching experience including:

  • Lecture Theatre: A 50-seat lecture theatre equipped with state-of-the-art teaching technology.
  • Computer rooms- There are two computer rooms; a fixed computer room and a room with movable laptops and desk space for versatility.
  • Tutorial rooms- smaller rooms are available for tutorials, small teaching groups and meetings.
  • Pods- There are two pods on the second floor of the building which are often used as consultancy and meeting rooms.
  • Video-conferencing room- A room equipped with video-conferencing technology capable of broadcasting virtual lectures held in a number of UK universities, including Lancaster.
  • Open plan learning spaces- This building combines open plan learning spaces to give students the option of learning in relaxed spaces with access to power and network points at numerous places around the building.

Further resources in the PSC include:

  • Social spaces- As well as open plan learning space, the space provided in the PSC is used for socialising and relaxing. Staff members regularly use the sofas upstairs in the PSC as a break area and for lunch. Downstairs, there are more sofas, chairs and tables available.
  • Showers- There are two showers in the PSC for the use of staff and students. These are hoped to encourage people to use alternative forms of transport to the university, for example, cycling or walking.

Department of Management Science

The Department of Management Science, based in the Management School, offers a number of facilities for postgraduate students. These resources include:

  • Skein room- Based in the Management Science Department, the Skein Room has comfortable sofas and tea and coffee making facilities (at a small cost), microwave and toaster available for postgraduate students and staff. 
  • Hub Café - The Hub area including a café is situated on the ground floor of the Management School. The Hub area is a social space for students, staff and visitors, providing an atmosphere for networking with relaxed surroundings. The café serves high quality food and beverages, with emphasis on local produce.
  • Computer labs- There are two main computer labs for the use of students; A1 (open access) based in the Management School building and A8 (library card access) based in the Engineering building opposite the Management School.
  • Meeting rooms- There are a number of meeting rooms that can be used by postgraduate students. These rooms must be booked in advance.
  • Video-conferencing room- This room is equipped with video-conferencing technology capable of broadcasting to other Universities. This room must also be booked in advance.