Below you can read testimonials from the 2016 intern group.

"The STOR-i internship was a very valuable experience that confirmed my interest in further study in statistics. I believe that the STOR-i internship has an edge over a typical undergraduate summer research project for two main reasons.

Firstly, thanks to a large, friendly and supportive community of PhD students and staff, there is an opportunity to gain exposure to a great number of research topics in statistics and operational research. I particularly enjoyed the weekly talks given by doctoral students about their research and the frequent guest speaker presentations. Being part of an academic community like STOR-i was a new, enjoyable experience that showed me which areas of statistics I was particularly interested in.

Secondly, STOR-i’s strong connection with industry gives one a sense of the distinct challenges a statistician might face in industry as well as academia. Hence, I would highly recommend the internship to anyone who wishes to experience doing statistical research or who has an interest in applying mathematics to tackle problems motivated by the real world."

Stefanos Bennett, University of Cambridge

"Spending the summer at STOR-i was an absolutely brilliant experience. The chance to discover the nature of independent research in such a welcoming, supportive and exciting department, was a real pleasure. Devoting eight weeks to a project allowed for a really great insight and exposure to the research of a student at STOR-i, and in addition to this, weekly seminars made me fully appreciate the breadth and depth of important and exciting work that is happening at STOR-i. Our full integration into the department made sure that our time in Lancaster was particularly enjoyable and well spent. My experience over the summer has clarified my understanding of what research in mathematics consists of day-to-day, and has inspired me to pursue a path in research. This is a completely unique internship opportunity, that I thoroughly recommend for anyone interested in research."

Matt Bold

"The STOR-i internship was a brilliant experience that helped me discover the in’s and out’s behind completing a PhD. In addition it highlighted the differences between a traditional PhD and one completed in a CDT. The programme had an excellent balance between completing your given project and finding out about the everyday life of a PhD student. The additional activities; such as the problem solving day; the Friday forums; along with the talks by visiting professors displayed the wide range of subjects and possibilities for study that a PhD in statistics can offer. My project was throughly enjoyable and showed how statistics that I had done in my undergraduate degree can be applied to a given application (sport in my case) while also learning new statistical tools to help me further my project. The STOR-i staff and students made everyone feel extremely welcome and the focus on group study, with students bouncing ideas of one another, really aided my project and created a fun working atmosphere. Undertaking the STOR-i internship convinced me that a PhD was what I wanted to do next. The friendly staff and the wonderful atmosphere convinced me that STOR-i was the place to do it."

Thomas Grundy, University of Lancaster

"Before embarking on the internship I was considering postgraduate studies and I had an interest in Statistics and Operational Research. If you fall into the same situation as I did then I whole heartedly recommend this experience. Over the 8 weeks you become a fully fledged member of the STORi family, this involves being invited to socials, taking part in their many different sports teams, and most importantly the Friday forums where a current PhD student speaks briefly about their research. Through these Friday forums and other talks by industry professionals you get flung into the whole world of Statistics and Operational Research and learn about the many places for which is applicable. On top of this you take part in your own individual project, this gives you the chance to study a particular sector or application of Statistics and Operational Research in depth. You also gain new skills through this project and your supervisor - this means this internship is obtainable even if you're not majorly experienced in Statistics and Operational Research. Throughout this experience my skills in Statistics improved massively and the internship guided me towards a decision to persue a PhD in Statistics, and eventually accepting a place into the STOR-i programme - I also developed my skills as a fashionista by winning "best dressed male" at the STORi ball 2016."

Alan Wise, Edinburgh University