Our centre will be unique in the strength of its links with industry without forfeiting high quality research methodology. To achieve this goal we have teamed up with leading industries that recognise and support the need for highly-skilled researchers. The skills developed and experiences gained during your time at STOR-i will enable you to help meet the urgent need for the kind of expertise that will make a real, significant impact in the industrial world.   

STOR-i will be at the leading edge of the drive to meet that need, producing highly employable graduates equipped with the broad skills needed for rapid career progression. Our industry partners have already pledged significant financial support and have committed to extensive, long-term involvement in the Centre’s activities. Indeed the Centre has been developed with input from several of the UK’s leading organisations who will maintain their ‘hands-on’ backing for the STOR-i programme through internships as well as support in recruitment, training, research and management.   

STOR-i is committed to developing and disseminating research of direct relevance to industry and government as well as to the academic community. To this end, STOR-i will hold an annual workshop to showcase STOR-i’s research progress and achievement. These industrial workshops provide an opportunity to cement co-working within STOR-i and will stimulate the pooling of ideas and the discussion of research opportunities within individual problem areas. The workshops are open to our industrial partners, to visiting PhD students and to our external advisers. Click here to see further training events run by STOR-i.