Big Insight

Big Insight, based at the Norwegian Computing Center/Norsk Regnesentral in Oslo, is one of the fourteen Norwegian Centres for Research-based Innovation. Big Insight develop core statistical methodologies to achieve innovation goals in four key sectors: petroleum, finance, marine and health. 

Their aim is to “enhance the capability of the Norwegian economy to innovate by focusing on long-term research, forging alliances between research-intensive enterprises and prominent research groups". The research and development team at Big Insight consists of around forty statisticians and researchers from partners, forming a strong, internationally recognised group.

"Bringing advanced statistical sciences deeper into industrial innovation processes is a common aim for STOR-i and Big Insight. The most exciting scientific challenges originate from ambitious industrial goals. We develop new statistical methodology and train brilliant PhD students to contribute to progress in science, industry, technology and society. The profile and focus of STOR-i and Big Insight make our centres quite unique: together we are stronger in promoting and developing industrial statistics."

- Prof Arnoldo Frigessi, Center leader of Big Insight

Activities and Visits


Date Participation
Oct 2017 Research visit: PhD student Emma Simpson visits Big Insight
May 2017 Christian Rohrbeck visits Oslo to present at the Building Bridges workshop
Apr 2017 Dr Ingrid Hobæk Haff visits STOR-i to give a seminar
Oct 2015 Research visit: Jamie-Leigh Chapman visits Big Insight to work with ABB
Jan 2015 Arnoldo Frigessi visits Lancaster to meet STOR-i students and give a presentation at STOR-i Annual Conference
Nov 2014 Research visit: PhD student Christian Rohrbeck visits Big Insight
Feb 2014 Research visit: PhD student Christian Rohrbeck visits Big Insight
Nov 2013 Research visit: PhD student Christian Rohrbeck visits Big Insight
Jun 2013 Research visit: PhD student Christian Rohrbeck visits Big Insight
Jan 2013 Research visit: Dr Thomas Jaki and Dr Matthew Sperrin visit Big Insight
Nov 2012 Key staff and PhD students from Big Insight visit STOR-i.
Jun 2012 Research visit: Two STOR-i students, Shreena Patel and Christopher Nemeth to visit Big Insight to deliver research presentations
Apr 2012 Professor Jonathan Tawn and Prof Idris Eckley visit to Big Insight to give seminars, identify research collaborations, potential exchanges, and joint activities 
Mar 2012 Professor Arnoldo Frigessi visit to STOR-i to develop STOR-i appointment strategy
Jan 2012 Professor Nils Hjort visits STOR-i and speaks at annual STOR-i workshop