University of Washington

The Department of Statistics at the University of Washington is one of the strongest and most diverse Statistics groups in the USA. The department has a range of strengths which link with, and support, cross-departmental research at the University of Washington. Like STOR-i, the Statistics Department engages closely with industrial partners, in particular, Seattle-based companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

"Over the past decade we've seen dramatic changes in both the types of data routinely collected and used for research or decision-making and in the availability of advanced statistical and computational tools.  This environment means that working collaboratively with scientists and experts outside of statistics to ensure that our contributions as statisticians expand scientific or policy relevant frontiers is perhaps more critical now than at any point in the history of our profession. I am pleased that the University of Washington Department of Statistics is a STOR-i partner and that, through this partnership,  we've built this relationship for the mutual benefit of research excellence and the support of training for high-calibre PhD students at both institutions. "

- Prof. Tyler McCormick - Department of Statistics, University of Washington.

Activities and Visits

Here you can find a list of activities and visits linked to the collaborations with the Univeristy of Washington

Date Participation
Feb 2018 Research visit: Lecturer Christopher Nemeth visits UW
Aug 2017 Research visit: PhD student Kathryn Turnbull visits Tyler McCormick in Seattle    
Jun-Aug 2017 Research visit: PhD student Jack Baker visits Emily Fox in Seattle
July 2016 Seminar: Tyler McCormick visits Lancaster
Jan 2016 Research visit: PhD student Jack Baker visits Emily Fox in Seattle