Professor Idris Eckley FLSW

Professor of Statistics

Research Interests

  • Wavelets and multiscale methods
  • Time series: methods and applications
  • Changepoint analysis
  • Statistics in Business and Finance

Subset Multivariate Collective And Point Anomaly Detection
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Journal article

Multivariate Locally Stationary Wavelet Analysis with the mvLSW R Package
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Parallelisation of a Common Changepoint Detection Method
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Journal article

Minimum spectral connectivity projection pursuit: Divisive clustering using optimal projections for spectral clustering
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Journal article

Subspace Clustering of Very Sparse High-Dimensional Data
Peng, H., Pavlidis, N.G., Eckley, I.A., Tsalamanis, I. 24/01/2019
Conference contribution/Paper

Most recent changepoint detection in Panel data
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Journal article

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Dynamic stochastic block models: Parameter estimation and detection of changes in community structure
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Journal article

anomaly: Detecting Anomalies in Data
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A linear time method for the detection of point and collective anomalies
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Journal article

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Divisive clustering of high dimensional data streams
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Journal article

The uncertainty of storm season changes: quantifying the uncertainty of autocovariance changepoints
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Journal article

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Journal article

A multiscale test of spatial stationarity for textured images in R
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Journal article

Proposal of the vote of thanks for the paper by Frick, Munk and Sieling
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Journal article

Classification of non‐stationary time series
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The effect of recovery algorithms on compressive sensing background subtraction
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Journal article

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Working paper

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Conference contribution/Paper

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Working paper

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Journal article