Selecting a PhD Topic

The process of PhD project identification and vetting, the construction of supervisory teams, and the allocation of projects to students is managed closely by the STOR-i’s Executive Committee. Cross-disciplinary work is intrinsic to the operation of STOR-i and all students are supervised by a team representing at least two of the centre’s three constituencies (Statistics, OR industry). The majority of projects are with industry, but we also have a number of projects with our academic strategic partners. Typically 50% more projects are offered than are needed to ensure a wide range of options.

Approved projects are presented to the students in written form and via a series of talks at a Project Market, which leads on to in-depth discussions between students, supervisors and external partners at the end of the second term. 

At the start of the third term students select a sub-list of projects that they are interested in. Through a series of meetings with the Leadership Team their motivation for selecting the topics is explored. An allocation of projects is arrived at in May.

The three month PhD Research Proposal project (STOR603) which concludes the MRes year (June-September) gives an opportunity to test the fit of students to projects/supervisory teams. In exceptional cases students are able to change projects at the end of the MRes year.