Research Philosophy

At the core of STOR-i’s research philosophy is an integrated approach with a continual research cycle, encompassing methodology and application within statistics, OR and industry.

Existing STOR research at Lancaster University focuses on methodological innovation motivated by, and fed back into, substantive applications arising from collaborations with the natural, biomedical and social sciences as well as industry. STOR-i builds on this approach, putting an increased emphasis on genuine collaborative research at the interface of statistics, OR and industry. 

Our training and networking structures facilitate this collaboration and will establish the foundation for the PhD research effort. Research output will embrace key methodological advances as well as answers to specific scientific and industrial questions.  

How does industry play a part in the STOR-i research philosophy?

It is perfectly possible to take a data set from industry and apply the latest research method in isolation of the full context of the problem. However this usually leads to poor science, limited implementation and bad decision making. STOR-i focuses on fully integrated collaboration with industry ensuring that the true structure of the problem is incorporated into STOR methodological development and analysis.   

Almost all of our industrial partners have substantial teams of in-house analysts and have a common interest and awareness of the need for high quality methodological research. As a consequence, the problems around which they collaborate with STOR-i involve the development of advanced STOR methods which lead to significant impact in both academic and industrial circles.