MRes to PhD Progression

The award of an MRes is based on credit accumulation. Students are awarded the full credit rating for the course where they have achieved an overall pass mark of 50% (or above) based on the marking scheme for that individual module. To pass the overall MRes, students must obtain the full 180 credits on offer (which also results in an achieved overall weighted average of 50% or higher across all the modules and the research proposal). Standard University regulations in MARP will apply in respect of the rights to the award of distinctions, merits and passes; and for reassessment, condonation and compensation.

To progress from the MRes to the full PhD programme, students must pass the MRes with an overall (weighted) average of 60% and typically have no failed modules. In cases where a student has an average exceeding 60% but is awarded a mark of 50-60% for the PhD research plan (the combined mark) then progression to the PhD stage will be dependent on a viva for the student based on their research plan. If an average mark of 60% is not achieved, then students will leave the course at this point (with an alternative qualification if successfully obtained). In the case of borderline cases, the board will have the discretion to allow the student to progress to the PhD if there is evidence of sufficient improvement through the year.

Informed by marks obtained in 120 credits, STOR-i’s Director will advise students at an early stage of the 3 month development of the research proposal what is required in that component of assessment (60 credits) to be able to progress to the PhD. Students will be informed by STOR-i’s Director at the end of year 1 whether they will be able to progress to a PhD in the STOR-i CDT.