STOR-i Support Processes

Specific academic, IT and pastoral support for STOR-i’s students is provided through a range of mechanisms outlined below.

Main support: Below you will find a list of the main support links specific to STOR-i.

STOR-i’s Administrator, Kim Wilson, is the first point of contact for enquiries about the MRes and to provide pastoral support.

STOR-i’s Facilitator, Jennifer Bull, is the first point of contact for enquiries about the range of special events run by STOR-i.

STOR-i’s Director, Jonathan Tawn, is the course tutor for the MRes. He provides academic guidance to students on the programme together with pastoral support. Each student will meet with the Director once a term during the MRes to discuss training opportunities and to evaluate progress.

STOR-i’s Co-Director, Idris Eckley, is the careers tutor for STOR-i students. He will meet annually with each student individually in years 2-4 of the programme.

Module lecturers: They provide individual support during their scheduled ‘office-hours’. The module lecturers can be found listed on the People pages for Academic Staff.

Other Staff: Students are strongly encouraged to become an integral member of both the departments of Mathematics and Statistics and Management Science. Academic staff, research staff and research students will all be pleased to give informal advice when asked.

Weekly Coffee Discussions: Weekly group discussion sessions over coffee provide a constant means of communication between staff and STOR-i students.

Computing Support: We have a dedicated computing support team for STOR-i students. The team consisting of the STOR-i IT Engineer, Oliver Standford, and Cyrus Gaviri and David Sole, are based in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. In the first instance, contact Oliver Standford for computer-related support.

Student Feedback: We offer a range of feedback routes for STOR-i students to express their views and influence the programme and its delivery:

  • Students can provide informal feedback direct to tutors and lecturers during workshops and on-line via LUVLE.
  • End of module anonymous feedback forms are completed by students and reviewed by staff and by the Director.
  • The Director meets with representatives of each student cohort once a month.
  • Staff/student meetings are held three times a year with student representatives. After the event, summaries of discussions are made available to students for comment.
  • Programme questionnaires will be provided at the end of each year of the programme.

University Support Processes

The University, more generally, operates a layered safety net, with a series of systems in place to offer academic, administrative and personal advice and support:

  • Student support services offer a range of services including advice, guidance and support on the following matters; accommodation, health, careers, information for international students and more. Click here to visit the Student-based services website for a full list of services.
  • All postgraduate students are automatically members of Graduate College offering a social network throughout your time at Lancaster.
  • Students have access to the facilities offered by the University Library.