STOR 603: PhD Research Proposal

Credits: 60

Outline: In the final three months of the STOR-i MRes programme students are required to develop an individual formal research proposal for their PhD. The proposal takes the form of a literature review, a preliminary study, and the development of a firm plan for the PhD. 

A major benefit of the PhD Research Proposal is that on successful completion of the MRes year STOR-i students will proceed to the PhD with considerable background to 

  • what research is like, 
  • the project they will be undertaking, and  
  • their working relationship with their supervisory team.

In exceptional cases students will be able to change projects at the end of year one.

Objectives: The aims of this module are to provide students with:

  • an overview of their selected research area in Statistics and Operational Research;  
  • the experience of producing a detailed literature review; 
  • identifying open problems in a research topic; 
  • developing a broad strategy for research work to be undertaken in the PhD; 
  • the experience of the preparation of an extensive written report. 

Learning outcomes: On successful completion of this module students will have

  • completed substantial document reporting in detail their research plan; 
  • a coherent plan for their PhD research work in STOR research including a broad strategy and having identified a range of open problems; 
  • a good overview of existing literature in their selected research area;  
  • the momentum and knowledge to make a quick start to their PhD research work.

Assessment: 80% of the assessment will be based on the submitted PhD research proposal and 20% will be based on the supervisor's assessment of the student's performance in the development of their research proposal.

Contact hours: This module consists of approximately 600 hours of private study with contact time with supervisors when necessary. 

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