STOR-i Computing Group (STORC)

STORC is a computing group organised by students for other students on the STOR-i course. It is a chance for students to share knowledge on common programs and techniques that can be useful when tackling academic research. The sessions also allow for new software to be introduced and questions to be asked in a friendly and understanding environment.

The idea for the group came from a specific problem faced by a large research group. In many situations different students will encounter the same computing problems and find different ways to solve their own problem. This can often be time consuming when it would have been easier to ask other students that have already faced such problems. By giving each student a basic grounding in common computing techniques the group aims to reduce the likelihood of such situations. An online forum available to STOR-i students also allows for collaboration and help to be found across years and subject areas

The group aims to meet twice a term with sessions lead by students and staff on a variety of computing issues. Information about sessions that have already happened can be found below. For more information please contact Jack Baker.