About us and contact details

The Counselling and Mental Health Service is available to all Lancaster students.

About us

The Service is comprised of University staff who are all qualified and professional Mental Health Practitioners. This includes the College Wellbeing Officers, who are part of the Service but reside in offices within the Colleges, and the Counsellors and Mental Health Advisors, who reside in our central office within University House. We also have a team of Administrators who reside in our central office, too.

We are a short-term service, and our aim is to support students at Lancaster University by helping them manage any problems or issues so they can continue with their studies. Our Service has different levels of support, and different therapies available, to help support students depending on what they need. We support students with mental health problems, but this is not a prerequisite to accessing our Service.

Please see a description of the staff roles within our Service below.


  • College Wellbeing Officers

    Each College has a College Wellbeing Officer who is a staff member within the Counselling and Mental Health Service.  College Wellbeing Officers offer low-level Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based support, which is a structured therapy that focuses on the present rather than the past.  It is useful for developing effective coping strategies to manage the symptoms of low-level mental health issues. 

    College Advisory Teams – College Wellbeing Officers also work closely with College Advisory Teams (CAT Teams) within the Colleges that have one.  CAT Team staff are not part of the Counselling and Mental Health Service (with the exception of the College Wellbeing Officer), but are able to provide low-level support for non-mental health issues.

    Bowland bowlandwelfare@lancaster.ac.uk (Tom Meaney)
    Cartmel cartmelwelfare@lancaster.ac.uk (Julian Morris)
    County countywelfare@lancaster.ac.uk (Kate Deeming)
    Furness furnesscat@lancaster.ac.uk (Taryn Whitford)
    Fylde fyldecat@lancaster.ac.uk (Taryn Whitford)
    Graduate gradwellbeing@lancaster.ac.uk (Anna Lewis)
    Grizedale grizedalecat@lancaster.ac.uk (Sara Mellen)
    Lonsdale lonsdalewelfare@lancaster.ac.uk (Julian Morris)
    Pendle pendlecat@lancaster.ac.uk (Sara Mellen)

  • Counsellors

    Counselling is a talking therapy.  Our Counsellors offer students the opportunity to work collaboratively on their problems or goals, often with a view to developing improved understanding, strategies for addressing issues, resolution and solutions.

  • Mental Health Advisors

    Our Mental Health Advisors come from a range of different mental health-related professional backgrounds and call on their individual professional experience and expertise working in mental health settings to guide their therapeutic approach, but all offer pragmatic lifestyle support.

  • Student Wellbeing Coordinator

    Bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct

    Our Service and the University have specific support in place for students experiencing, or affected by, any of the above or related issues.  Please see our bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct page for further information.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ or contact us via the methods below.

+44 (0)1524 592690

Counselling and Mental Health Service c/o The Base
A-Floor, University House
Lancaster University


Our central Service is based in University House, and can be accessed via The Base in Alexandra Square. Our College Wellbeing Officers are based in their respective College/s. Please see the campus map.

Opening times

The central Service is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (with the exception of Bank Holidays and University closure days).