The 30 Minute Clinic

Do you have a problem you would like help with?

The 30 Minute Clinic appointments are an opportunity to focus on a particular problem, typically with a view to resolving the issue in some way. Evidence and feedback demonstrate that these brief and timely interventions can be as effective as longer-term therapy, even for complex and longstanding difficulties.

They are offered by two of our Practitioners. Shelagh Milligan is an experienced Counsellor with significant professional experience of student welfare, stress management and coaching. Emma Du-Frayer is an experienced Mental Health Nurse with a keen interest in brief therapy and maximising on the opportunities we have to support our own health and wellbeing. Both use a variety of therapeutic skills - such as Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing - to work collaboratively with you on your issue.

The 30 Minute Clinic appointments are on Wednesdays and Fridays, and become available to book from 10am the day before.

  • For an appointment on a Wednesday, please ring 01524 592690 from 10am on Tuesday.
  • For an appointment on a Friday, please ring 01524 592690 from 10am on Thursday.

We have adapted this service due to the Coronavirus situation. At the appointment time, one of our Practitioners (Emma Du-Frayer or Shelagh Milligan) will contact you via Microsoft Teams or audio call to discuss and work on your issue with you.

Please be aware that these appointments typically last 30 - 50 minutes.