Groups and workshops

Our Service offers students the opportunity to attend short-term groups or workshops, and work individually but alongside other students who may feel similarly, which can be an empowering and unifying experience. All our groups and workshops are “closed”, which means only students who have been referred by their assessing therapist can attend.

Personal Empowerment (PEMP) Group

Our PEMP Group runs once a term for four sessions over a five week period, and is aimed at students who experience emotions intensely, and feel repeatedly stuck or overwhelmed. The group supports students to start building resilience and emotional regulation by gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, developing the strength to embrace emotional difficulties, and move forward with new perspectives and stronger coping strategies.

Referral to our PEMP Group is via a Welcome Appointment. Please refer into our Service via our online self-referral form.

Feedback received for our PEMP group:

  • “Being able to discuss and debate things but also not being alone”
  • “Being able to connect with others”
  • “The handouts are really good, the facilitators are incredible. This has been really helpful having advice from people my own age”
  • “The exchange with others and safe feeling in the group. Honesty about problems shared”
  • “Please know that you have both made a huge difference to me and my mental health”

Time for Loss Group

An informal group for anyone experiencing issues around loss. We all experience loss through our lives. Perhaps it is the loss of a person when a relationship or friendship ends, or maybe the loss of home when we move for work or study. At some point we may find ourselves in a new environment away from familiar friends and family, and experience some loss of our identity, of who we are as a person. Or perhaps it could be a loss through death - maybe a cherished family pet, maybe someone of great significant to us, whom we have known and loved.

If you are experiencing any issues around loss - whether current or a past - Time for Loss may be of interest to you.

We are an informal group, facilitated by two Practitioners from our Service. We meet to offer a safe and supportive space for students to talk and be heard around the issue of loss, with a view to coming to terms with that experience.

Time for Loss meets on Thursdays at 3pm in weeks 3, 6, and 9 in Furness Back Bar Room (A29) which can be accessed from Furness foyer or the walkway above Pizzetta Republic. Please see the campus map if needed.

All are welcome, there is no need to book or self-refer first, just come along for 3pm.

Questions about our groups and workshops?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of the above.