The Wednesday Thing

An exciting innovation run for you by our College Wellbeing Officers. Take control of problematic aspects of your life, gain in depth knowledge and new skills, and get the support you need when you need it.

Each Wednesday afternoon at 2pm throughout weeks 2-9 of Michaelmas, Lent, and Summer terms, the College Wellbeing Officers are running an hour long information session on common issues students may face. The information sessions are designed to help students identify and tackle issues such as implementing a structure and fixing sleep routines, managing worry more effectively, dealing with putting things off and managing expectations, and addressing low self-esteem.

The four individually themed information sessions (see below) will repeat twice each term, and you can attend as many or as few as you want, even attending the same one twice if needed.

Simply register for your chosen session/s via our LibCal calendar directly. You don't have to had made contact with our Service beforehand to attend.

Attendance counts towards the Lancaster Award (5 points per session).

Get Up and Go

Routine and time management
Improving mood by managing your sleep, time and building a healthy routine
(Weeks 2 and 6)

Worry in a Hurry

Managing worry
A quick-fire session on understanding and managing the symptoms of anxiety and panic
(Weeks 3 and 7)

Practically Perfect and Putting it Off

Perfectionism and procrastination
Turning perfectionism into healthy striving, and transforming "last minute" into getting things done
(Weeks 4 and 8)

Give Yourself a Break

Self-compassion and self-esteem
Learn to identify and challenge the ways in which we sabotage ourselves, and change for the better
(Weeks 5 and 9)