Change of module - Part II

You can change your modules, if possible within your degree scheme, within two weeks from when the modules starts. This could be Michaelmas term modules or Lent term modules. In order to do this you should complete the Change of module - Part II form and your department should sign this off. The form should then be sent directly to the Student Registry by the department once completed.

Please note that it is University policy that no student shall normally be allowed to automatically replace modules in which he or she has failed or performed poorly by taking a different module in order to achieve better marks. Exceptional permission to do so may be granted by relevant examination boards on the recommendations of exceptional circumstances committees. Beyond the timescales of the normal examination board processes, permission to repeat work may be granted by: the designated Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the Provost for Student Experience, Colleges and the Library, by an Academic Appeal or Review Panel, as defined in the chapter on Academic Appeals, the Intercalations Committee or by the Standing Academic Committee in cases where a student’s academic performance has been adversely affected by personal, health or financial problems and where such cases have been properly documented.