Intercalation (suspending studies, taking time out, gap year)

Intercalation is a suspension of studies, which has to be formally approved by the University. This is usually requested for mitigating circumstances including health, personal and financial. Students may also want time out to pursue work experience or a placement that is not part of their course.

Periods of intercalation are usually for a year and students normally return at the start of the term in which they left (unless evidence can support a repeat period of study), and they return on to the same degree scheme.

As suspending your studies has financial, academic, and personal consequences, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice and guidance specific to you and your circumstances before requesting to intercalate. You can make a teams appointment through the Base with Jo Malbon, UG Retention and Progression Adviser:- or an alternative Adviser. In addition you can seek advice from your Directors of Studies and Departmental Coordinators regarding your current academic standing and possible advantages and disadvantages of intercalating for you and your studies.

Guidance for UG intercalation

UG Intercalation request form

intercalation appeal

Provisional Intercalation requests

Provisional intercalation may be granted to students who wish to intercalate the year after their current year of study (i.e. for non-compulsory work experience or other non-academic reasons). This can be requested in your current year, full approval will be given upon successful completion of your current year.