Withdraw from Lancaster University (transfer institutions, re-admit to an alternative course at Lancaster and other study options) 

Withdrawing from University is a big decision. It may be that there is an alternative solution depending on your circumstances.

You may just need advice, guidance and support in order to continue your studies at Lancaster. If this is the case then you can contact your Academic Adviser, Student Learning Adviser, College Advisory system, College Wellbeing Officer, Student Success Officer or an Adviser in Student Education Services. If you are unsure who these staff members are, you could ask at your College Office or at The Base.

If you want to study at Lancaster University but feel you are on the wrong course, and if it has past the time limit given to change degree scheme for the current academic year, you may wish to withdraw and re-admit the following academic year to your chosen course. You would need approval from the receiving department and this process could be dealt with internally rather than re-applying through UCAS. The receiving department will ensure you have the correct entry requirements and that you are in good academic standing). You should speak to an Adviser in Student Education Services as there may be financial implications and to understand the process. Alternatively you may wish to complete the current academic year and then change degree programme, repeating the year of study (please see repeat year on the side bar).

If you wish to transfer to an alternative institution you will need to contact the institution directly to see if they will accept you and how to process this. You should then decide whether you should complete the current year at Lancaster or not. You may gain entry to the alternative institution for the following year of study if their course content is similar, this is their decision.

If you complete your current year successfully, you may be eligible for a lower exit award. A certificate of higher education will be awarded for successful completion of year one, a diploma of higher education for year two.

Here are the more detailed UG withdrawal guidance and a withdrawal form, if you have made an informed decision to withdraw from your studies, you should complete the form and hand it in to the Faculty Hubs or email directly to j.malbon@lancaster.ac.uk.