ILSP Support Process

Information about a student’s support needs comes from the Disability Service in the form of an Inclusive Learning and Support Plan (ILSP), agreed with the student.


  • Where to find an ILSP

    This plan is held in the student records system (LUSI) and it contains information and advice about a student’s support needs. If an ILSP is created or updated an automated email alert is sent to anyone who is listed as an ‘Administrator’ in the Online Courses Handbook for the modules the student is studying or the scheme of study the student is registered for. 

    Some staff outside of academic departments (e.g. College Managers, Learning Developers etc.) have access to ILSP information to help them to support disabled students but do not receive email alerts.  These staff members should regularly check LUSI for any updates to this information.

  • Who needs to see it?

    Administrators in academic departments should then ensure that any relevant teaching staff have a copy of the ILSP for the students they teach.

    It is important to ensure that it is clear who has the responsibility within a department, for making sure that the relevant staff are aware of student's support needs. Remember to think about postgraduate seminar tutors, or tutors who give one lecture or seminar in a course, technical or laboratory staff, or departmental admin staff, depending on what the student’s requirements are. It is essential this process continues throughout a student’s course, including after the transition to part two or if a student changes major department.

The LUSI Help Centre provides useful information and advice about accessing ILSP information for disabled students using LUSI.

Disability Service, Student Wellbeing Services, University House, Lancaster, LA1 4YW - 01524 592111