Examination deferrals

When are they permitted?

Deferrals may be permitted in exceptional circumstances such as illness or other grave cause.

How do I request a deferral?

Any request for deferral should be made to your department in the first instance who will liaise with the Student Registry.

The examination regulations provide the Registry with the discretion to vary the timing of final course module assessments.

Where assessment of a final year is deferred resulting in a delay in graduation, the case is reported to the Committee of the Senate.

How is a decision reached?

Requests to defer have to be balanced by not giving students an academic advantage (why should a student have an extra period of time to prepare for final assessment than fellow students). In turn this can be balanced by deferrals not being an easy option, for some students being away from the academic environment and time away from teaching means time to forget.

Can coursework also be deferred?

Deferrals can be in respect of examinations or coursework or both.