Exceptional circumstances

How do I report exceptional circumstances?

If you feel that your performance in your examinations, or in your assessment in general, has been affected by circumstances outside of your control that have not already been fully addressed through extensions or other available departmental procedures and you wish the matter to be considered by the board of examiners, you must submit formal notification to your department.

Is evidence required?

In all cases you must also provide independent documentary evidence, eg a doctor’s note or a letter from the counselling service (Please note that the counselling and mental health service can only provide evidence if you have had contact with the sevice prior to the evidence being requested). If you have already submitted details to your department there is no need to do so again. Please note that the submission of such information will not automatically make a difference to your results.

Please use the Additional evidence for the examination board document.

When do I need to submit this information?

Your department will be able to inform you of the latest date for submission of this information. It is your responsibility to submit the details in plenty of time and to the appropriate person. Departmental examination boards cannot deal with exceptional circumstances retrospectively.