Progression requirements

Undergraduate students

Each programme will have progression requirements detailed and approved through the programme’s approval process. Examining bodies will determine whether a student has successfully met the progression requirements for a programme, giving full countenance to mitigating circumstances as reported from the Mitigating Circumstances Committee.

In order to qualify to progress to the next stage of the programme, students must have attained in full the minimum credit requirement for the stage completed (including credit for failed modules which have been condoned).

Requirements to proceed to Part II

Requirement to proceed on from Part II

Postgraduate taught students

Requirements for progression from one stage (or element) of a postgraduate taught programme to the next (for example taught module stage to dissertation/project/ placement) should be specified at the time the programme is approved and communicated to all students when they first enrol on the programme.

Postgraduate research students:

Year 1 (year 2 part-time)

Within the first six months all research students must fulfil the following, or an equivalent, process:

(a) attend an approved induction programme

(b) carry out an approved development needs analysis (DNA) or equivalent in consultation with their supervisors, and keep a record of agreed follow-up to the DNA

(c) take the appropriate research training activities, informed by the DNA as guided by their supervisors

(d) complete a research proposal or plan of work which the supervisors approve as appropriate and viable

(e) agree a projected completion timetable with their supervisors

(f) any additional requirements to meet the particular needs of the individual awards.

Any research student who does not demonstrate satisfactory progress during the first six months full-time should be: carefully monitored and supported, informed about any reasons for concern, set objectives, and their progress reviewed before the 12 month deadline.

If their progress is still not satisfactory they will be excluded from the programme. Students who have been excluded for failing to make satisfactory progress may appeal against the exclusion under the review and appeal regulations and procedures for research students.

Confirmation of PhD status, where appropriate, may be conferred at this stage in accordance with the procedures.

Years 2 to 4 (or part-time equivalents)

Continued registration of each research student in years 2, 3 and 4 on standard PhD programmes is conditional upon agreed criteria including:

(a) submission of an appraisal (progress) report, involving input from the student, supervisors and department

(b) evidence, confirmed in the appraisal (progress) report, that the student has:

(i) attended the annual faculty-based progress briefing session

(ii) reviewed/revised their DNA

(iii) completed the agreed research training

(iv) been offered adequate supervision (as outlined in the University’s Code of Practice for Research students), accepted it, and attended supervisory sessions

(v) agreed a realistic completion timetable with their supervisors

(vi) demonstrated sufficient progress with their research/thesis

(vii) any additional requirements previously agreed.