Standing Academic Committee

The purpose of the Standing Academic Committee (SAC) is to consider and act upon the following:

1) A department's recommendation for a permanent or temporary exclusion because of unsatisfactory performance.

2) Cases of plagiarism where the department has referred the matter on to the SAC where the powers of the department do not match the seriousness of the offence.

3) Cases referred to it by the University Dean relating to malpractice in examinations.

The Committee is a last resort. Before a department refers a student to the committee, every effort must have been made to provide the student with the opportunity to correct the situation.

The secretary to the committee will require a copy of the referral letter, together with details of:

  • The student's attendance record
  • The student's coursework record
  • Copies of all other relevant correspondence or other material to demonstrate the efforts made to persuade the student to meet the academic requirements
  • Medical or other extenuating circumstances known to the department.

Meetings are scheduled throughout the academic year and ad hoc meetings are arranged as required.

The student must be given at least one week's notice of such a hearing. It is unusual for a final year student to be referred to the committee later than the end of the Michaelmas term of their final year.

Often at an SAC, the student provides details of extenuating circumstances not known to the department, giving grounds for the SAC to allow the student to remain at university.

This is often subject to strict academic probation, which if not met fully leads to exclusion without referral back to the committee. Departments are required to closely monitor any such students.

The student has the right to be accompanied at the hearing and often this role is undertaken by a LUSU representative or the student's college tutor. Any student excluded has the right of a further review of procedures.

The Department making the referral is not required/expected at the hearing (except in cases of plagiarism where the Academic Officer is required to attend), but information may be sought over the telephone during the meeting, as required.

If you have any queries regarding the committee and its procedures please contact the Student Registry.