Student appeals

Instructions on how to complete the appeal procedure

Right of appeal

The right of appeal is available to students who:

  • have failed to qualify to proceed from one stage of a degree programme to the next;
  • have failed to qualify for the award of the degree for which they were registered;
  • wish to challenge on procedural grounds, the class of degree to be awarded;
  • received a lower class of degree than would otherwise have been the case had plagiarism penalties not been applied.

Grounds for an appeal

Reasons you may make an appeal are:

  • material administrative error or irregularity in the conduct of assessment which adversely affected the student’s performance and results (for example, there has been an administrative error and as a result a mark you received has been incorrectly recorded);
  • significant extenuating circumstances which adversely affected the student’s performance and results (for example, this could be something that has seriously affected your studies, such as illness);
  • unfair treatment or discrimination, out with the exercise of academic judgement; (this could be evidence of bias or prejudice of an assessor).

All which, for good reasons, could not be brought to the attention of boards of examiners at the relevant time and which could have influenced their recommendations had the information been available.

There are also situations in which a student is not eligible to make an appeal:

  • Academic judgement. One of the most common misconceptions surrounding an academic appeal is the belief that simply not being happy with a mark is enough reason to make an appeal.

  • Resit exams. Please also be aware that if you are registered to take a resit exam, then you cannot make an appeal until the marks have been confirmed.


You should begin by reviewing the Appeal Guide.

If you feel you meet the above grounds for appeal, please complete the Stage 1 Appeal Form ‌and email the relevant contact:

If you have any questions about the appeals process, please contact the above addresses.

If you are unhappy with the conclusion of your Stage 1 Appeal, and you meet the criteria listed on the Stage 2 appeal form, you may want to complete the second form and send it to the relevant contact above.