Debt help and credit ratings

The best way to avoid debt is to budget your income so that you spend within your means.


If you find yourself in debt there are several sources of help that you can turn to to help manage and control any problems you may be experiencing. The Students' Union at the University has a specialist debt advisor who can negotiate with creditors on your behalf. Staff in the Student Funding Service can also offer general help and advice. Your local Citizens' Advice Bureau will offer a range of services, including debt advice.

There are a range of online sources of advice you may refer to below

Consumer Credit Counselling Agency

National Union of Students

Lancaster CAB

The Money Charity


National Debtline 0808 808 4000

Remember it's often best to get free impartial advice and potentially assistance from one of the above sources before turning to commercial third party debt management companies. This is because while these companies can often reduce debts they add their own charges to overall repayments. Don't let debt get you down - take action and get help.

Credit ratings

You can get a credit check online and currently get paid for doing so, see this Martin Lewis guide.