Living costs

You should think carefully about what costs you will incur before you begin your course

Living Costs and Budgeting

The information below is provided as a rough guide to average living costs (excluding tuition fees) for a single student. The exact amount you need to live on will depend on your individual needs.

In addition to the costs below there may be initial "start up" costs which might vary according to what you are able to bring with you, or there may be unforeseen costs. And if you are an International student and require a student VISA to study in the UK, you will also have to comply with the minimum funding required for this.


Single Student




see (a) below

Food and toiletries



£7 (equivalent to a 3 term bus pass)

£5 (additional travel)

Books and stationery




Insurance (contents)

see (b )below

TV Licence







see (c) below


see (d) below

Annual Total – undergraduate (40 weeks)

for costs over 40 weeks see (e) below


Annual Total – postgraduate (52 weeks)


(a) On campus accommodation costs vary depending on the kind of room you choose. Rents on campus usually include bills. For off campus budget £20-25 per week for bills.

(b) Insurance costs vary depending on cover required. Rent on campus includes limited cover.

(c) Entertainment costs are excluded. Please budget for these according to your own needs.

(d) Childcare costs at the University Pre-School Centre are £18.06 for student parents per child per half-day session (morning or afternoon).

(e) If you are an undergraduate and return home for April or December vacations you may have non-accommodation costs for less than 40 weeks.