Postgraduate intercalation and tuition fee policy

Understand the fee implications during a period of suspended studies as a postgraduate student

NHS Bursary

The tuition fees are only paid if the student is in attendance on 1 December of the relevant AY.

Students with a date of last attendance prior to 1 December – no fee

Students with a date of last attendance on or after 1 December – charged 100%, which will be applied to the fees upon the resumption of studies

Self-funded and any other sponsor not mentioned above

The fee is pro-rated based on the number of months the student was in attendance (determined by date of last attendance)

Any credits created by the recalculation of fees will be held on account and allocated to the tuition fee charged when study is resumed.

If a student withdraws after a period of intercalation, the fee will be recalculated in line with the withdrawal guidance.